You, not so bright Haitian, you are right, you are not so...

Brian Andrew - December 9 2011, 7:05 PM

You, not so bright Haitian, you are right, you are not so smart.

Why would the CIA would put so much money and energy to undermine a small minded country as your own. While you sitting here paranoid about the CIA, have you cleaned-up for the earthquake yet. NO, YOU would rather sit here spitting at the very people who tried to help you every time some tyrant overthrow your last government.

I have never seen such animosity and hypocrisy among a bunch of people such as yourselves.

Most priests are not working for the CIA, they are doing what they are supposed to do, giving spiritual guidance and help to the poor. Whoever is feeding you this propaganda is your own government and your own imaginary enemies.

Your country has no natural resources to speak of, and so would be a waste of time to try to undermine you. You have nothing that we want. If you want to give some semblance of importance to yourself, then, you may want to start cleaning after yourselves and find a way to feed yourselves without the help of my country.

We only help those who try to help themselves.

I am tired of listening to your lamentable comments.

You splattered accusations without proper basis.

You never bite the hand that feeds you. This is not too smart or too bright.

The problem is, most of the bloggers sound just like you. That is the scary part. All the helping governments should move away from you. They should leave to your own device, and I truly believe that in a couple of years, you would grow tails and jumped up trees.

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