U.S. Dollar scarcity in Haiti

Agent-x - December 12 2011, 1:21 AM

Who is playing on the US dollar scarcity key board in Haiti?

We need the name of person/institution of interests and the suspects.

We may start with the usual suspects hoping they will denounce themselves if they are guilty or lead us to the unknown new suspects.

This will be a win-win investigation.

There are at least nine main speculations or guesses to the current U.S. dollar scarcity in Haiti since November 2011.

1-There is an unexplained increase in export of goods from the Dominican Republic to Haiti during the last six months that jump from six million [6 M] to eighteen million [18 M] US dollar a month.

Currency experts said there is no tangent proof in circulation of such transaction in the economy.

This is an unprecedented trend in the trade history of between Haiti and Dominican Republic.

The cross-border imports of the country are estimated at around 1.2 billion U.S. dollars.

About half of these imports are carried out in the form of cash to buy goods from several Haitian shopkeepers.

Federal Reserve was in Haiti last week investigating the US $ scarcity crisis.

2-At least 8000 Haitian students in the Dominican Republic are receiving dollars in cash from their parents in Haiti.

3-international aid has helped to substantially increase the demand for greenbacks in the Haitian economy.

"Recently, the deposits in dollars rose. But in most cases, these deposits were made by non-governmental organizations and international institutions which have been credited the account from abroad.

4-request cash now reaches about 300 million U.S. dollars while the banks have not previously been supplied accordingly.

5-the OHR was forced to import several new dollar bills to its correspondent banks abroad.

But these foreign banks are very reluctant to issue such large amounts of dollars, especially since they often fail to understand why the Haitian economy uses all cash.

6-Possible money laundering on a grand scale was suggested.

However Agent-X does not have the picture of any new Laundromat in Haiti.

If such Laundromat exists our investigator will try to trace those that recently bought huge quantity of bleach or Clorox.

However if they use

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Starting in January,tout't transfe lajan kap rantre nan peyi Dayiti,biro'w ap bay lajan sa yo an Ayityen. Dominicans took Haitians for dummies by drainning of our little cash reserve in food;"Cash for food" Us Haitians are lazy to farm the land more »

Agent-x says...

To the specimen Alexandre on this blog with the IQ between 9~11. For your information, I read several millions piece of information about Haiti on the internet since the last 20 consecutive years. Employers,developers,industrialists always pra more »

Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Agent-x,can you explain the habits of buying food from DR? I wonder,if i touch your soft spot by saying Haitians are lazy to farm the lands? The last time i travel,i even see imported limes,plantains,beans,hot peppers,cassavas,eggs,sugar and more s more »

Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Agent-x,with a nice smile like that:). I think uncle Sam want Haiti to use their collapsing US dollar currencies forever with the rest of the third world countries. Why they already sent to China 800 billion of that new currency?Witch China accept more »

Bernadette says...

Jean Pierre, If Haitians were so lazy, why do they go to other countries to work very hard? Please enlighten me. Don't you think they don't work the land because they don't own any? Please, please tell me about any group of farm laborers who did n more »

Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Benardette,Haitians don't want to farm their land period. They find all kind of excuses,tricks to avoid farming the land. They rather flooded the Capital to stave. If they were not lazy,they should farm the land and looks for other possibilities more »

Toulimen Legrand says...

Jean-Pierre, I have to jump in this discussion to clarify the issue. First, I agree with Bernadette that Haitian leaders whether they are economic, political, social and religious leaders are lazy period. Lazyness puts Haiti into this mess, but Haiti more »

Bernadette says...

Jean Pierre, If I understand you correctly than the agricultural renaissance that we all talked about will not happen. Unless we recuperate the Haitians from the Dominican Republic. THEY know what hard work is all about and they have been farm labore more »

Joubert F says...

Martelly needs to start farming by getting those people back on their land to lower the food import rate. We need to call for those farm laborers lost in DR to return home soon to farm so we can have a better life in Haiti. I am sick and tired with l more »

Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Benardette,i am glad for your answer; Haitians are well know in DR for their hard labor works in plantation also in constructions"today one Dominican told me,if you want your house built with precision, call the Haitians". As for that generation more »