Toulimen, I am not quite sure that you are agreeing with the...

Bernadette - December 13 2011, 7:49 PM

Toulimen, I am not quite sure that you are agreeing with the right person.

To start with, I don't do generalized blanket statement like "Haitians are lazy".

That statement is too broad with no real definitions.

I believe that I have enough compassion and respect for the Haitian people to have made such grave and callous statement.

There is nowhere in my blogs that you will find such blatantly irresponsible statement.

I am very sorry you interpreted my comments in that manner but I must insist that you are mistaken in your assumption.

On the contrary, I have always advocated for the complete opposite of what you said. Jean Pierre understood my messages and has responded in kind.
What I did say though is that leaders, who ever they are, must have one common thread: SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY.

Just for the sake of it. No leaders can truly control an economy.

There are too many X factors involved.

No leaders, who ever they are, are in a position to control everything...Unless you are a one-man-band like Francois Duvalier with lots of sitting ducks at his feet...

Fortunately, that situation can never reproduce itself as the world has changed and Haiti is now under the watchful eye of too many countries with very different and intricate economies.

Whether you like it or not, Haiti is now part of a world economy under the banner of "Globalism".

No one-man-band need apply.

Leaders can be more forceful or aggressively promote an agenda that they believe will benefit their country but they can't unilaterally changed anything.

Your buying a pair of jeans made in Haiti instead of another pair of jeans made elsewhere is a much more powerful act than any leader can do.
Your drinking Prestige instead of Budwieser beer is so much more powerful behavior than any leader can say or do. Put differently, People decided what is important in their Country, not their leaders.

Your government can only do what you told them to do. You are the boss, not your government.

Take care

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