Jean Bertand Aristide was missing on Dec 16th 2011. We will tell you why

Agent-x - December 17 2011, 1:26 PM

Luminary Jean Bertrand Aristide was missing in action during Dec 16th 2011celebration.

We will tell you why.
Luminary Jean Bertrand Aristide was missing during the December 16th, 2011 commemoration of his successful nomination as first democratically elected president of Haiti.

Well according to some highly knowledgeable Haitians, Aristide was on the summit of Mt la Selle [8793 feet] receiving instruction from other dimensions on how to save and protect Haiti from the axis of evil.
Other said that he thwarted an assassination plot.

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Oh my God, If that so? we are in trouble,Pic de la selle will erupt by volcanic activities soon! Please,do not let him set foot on Pic Macaya,it will be the total destruction of the Southeast to Southwest of the Island. Please,i repeat "La Patrie more »