Mitch, I would agree with you 100% here with knowing the...

Bernadette - December 20 2011, 6:45 PM

Mitch, I would agree with you 100% here with knowing the Nation's history.

We should also know the history of the Nation's economics, cultural, sociological and psychological make-up. That is only on our part. Second, we should know the same history of our neighbors (Latin America and the Caribbeans) and then the world at large.

We live with other people now. The old game is over. One Nation sneezes the others caught a flu...This is just the way it is. Yes, We should know ourselves and our history.

But economics of a country now depends of other countries around the world.

We will never be alone or act alone again.

This is just a fact of our today's reality.

We better get used to it.

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Dear fellow countryman. I accept your explaination...


Duvalier caused agriculture disaster, insecurity & slums in Haiti

♦From 1959 to year 2011 Haitian agriculture deteriorated progressively because Duvalier

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dear bernadette! We are in agreement again. Who could...

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