A Second Earthquake In Haiti Could Reform All Haitian Public Institutions

Toulimen Legrand - December 24 2011, 11:00 AM

All executive positions such as personnel directors, administrators and accounts are held by mulattos in all Haitian public institutions in the past 158 years.

Haiti failed miserably because those executive are incompetent and class struggles to continue Napoleon's curse were better mode of governance for them than developing Haiti economically.

In this 21st century, we should call for strong reforms to change all Haitian public institutions to get rid of the Napoleon's curse over Haiti.

Let Haiti perish with dark skinned blacks in power should not prevail in Haiti anymore.

Haiti should be the priority for both ethnic groups whether they are dark skinned and light skinned Haitians.

When Haiti is failing the whole world argues that Napoleon was right to let Haiti perish because blacks cannot govern themselves i.e. mulatoes and dark skinned blacks.

We are all mediocre people when we let Haiti perish.

Right now, they will not let Haiti perish because light skinned Haitians are holding the highest office in Haiti and there is a belief that is propagating in Haiti that they are in power for 50 years.

They are the only ones who can develop Haiti and why those light skinned CEOs did not allow any economic development to occur in Haiti in the past 58 years?

After 50 years, they will divide dark skinned Haitians and allow them to destroy gradually every thing to start all over again.

What does Haiti benefit with such evil economic plan?

Haiti gains nothing and all Haitians are seen outside of Haiti as mediocre, superstitious, destroyer, liar, ignorant, and filthy people.

We don't represent a civilization by applying such destructive political mode within all Haitian public institutions.

It makes mulatos or biracial Haitians look good in the eyes of the former colonial powers by demonizing dark skinned Haitians.

In schools, my professors in political science argue this theme "mulatoes under the garments for Haiti's CEOs" meaning that they are managing Haiti's offices as CEO directors in the absence of their preferred executive chef. A second earthquake at 10:00 am during the week days will get rid of this evil curse to save Haiti if Martelly refuses to reform all Haitian public institutions.

He should publish the names of all Haitian public CEOs over the past of 158 years and you will see the same seven richest families'names that are managing Haiti over and over. Qualified and competent Haitians are left behind in this political system.

An appointed dark skinned public minister is a puppet because the mulatto CEO or director has more power than him or her as being the supervisor in command.

Where can Haiti go with such a formula?

The appointed dark skinned black is a puppet for the international community and the chamber of commerce in Haiti.

Why should poor Haitian people be interested in politics in Haiti?

The way Haiti's political establishment is built will not allow any dark skinned blacks whether they are honest or not to proudly serve their country.

The economic development of Haiti will never be done with dark skinned blacks based on the Napoleon's curse over Haiti and the political establishment built in Haiti by Petion with the motto "apre nou se nou" will continue on and on.

Dark skinned blacks are blamed for those social injustices and the seven richest CEO families are the ones that allow the destruction of Haiti with their formula "mulattoes under the garments in all Haiti's public institutions".

How can I be proud of country like Haiti?

The change in Haiti should pass by retiring the seven richest families'CEOs in all Haiti's public institutions and they should downsize those institutions and the embassies'personnels as well. I don't see change yet and I am hoping that it will eventually be done.

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Toulimen,never in human history wealth is given,freedom is given,power is given"specially every Clans,Tribes, Kingdoms,Ethnic groups,Nations included religions are aware of the so-called,survival of the fetus". The smartest always wins even if the more »

Toulimen Legrand says...

Once I ask for a national conference for all Haitian public administrators such as personnel chiefs, directors and executive accountants, this blog manager blocks my IP address. As a spy, he does not wants anyone to argue about those public CEOs beca more »

Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

I will work on that with the people that i know abroad and Haiti for that national conference. This is very interesting and i will keep you posted with my result. Joyeux Noel more »