Dark skinned Haitians don't really know their true enemies...

Toulimen Legrand - December 28 2011, 10:04 PM

Dark skinned Haitians don't really know their true enemies, and that is why they are being brainwashed by whites and mulattoes.

Dark skinned leaders love to be puppets and they protect mulattoes' administrative power more than the mulattoes when they are in power.

Real changes can prevent bloodbath between both ethnic groups in Haiti and that is why I am calling on the Haitian parliamentary system to pass good legislation to move Haiti forward.

Jean-Dominique died under the complicity of his own ethnic group that keeps using illiterate blacks to commit heinous crimes on anyone opposing their administrative power in Haiti.

A simple look inside a bank in Haiti can tell you what I am saying.

Mulattoes'offices are always on the upper floors of any public building in Haiti and all the directors, personnel chiefs, accountant chiefs and most supervisors are mulattoes.

The mulattoes' administrative power is so huge one could easily state that Haiti is a mulatto country.

This ethnic group is over-represented at 98% against 2% of dark skinned blacks holding executive functions.

Mulattoes are ethnocentric people and they are proning superiority of their ethnic group over the dark skinned by being over-represented in all Haitian public institutions.

With the power of their guns and the help of the international community, they silence the dark skinned majority (97%).

In what country, you will find that?

Only in Haiti, 3% people silence 97% of a population.

The mulattoes' administrative power failed Haiti considerably within the past 58 years and who got blamed, the black puppet presidents! We need real changes and Haiti should pass the economic equal opportunity law to correct this social injustice against the silent majority of Haiti.

If we want decentralization and equal representation of both ethnic groups to reduce social injustices, the Haitian parliament should vote this law immediately.

I am going to make this law public through the United Nations soon. I was called to do that and I would do it soon. There could be no governability pact in Haiti without the equal economic employment opportunity law ok.

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