Where Is The Beef?

Jean Pierre Alexandre - January 9 2012, 8:24 PM

Au secours, au secours, au secours
Help, help,help.

An mwey, manman mwen.
Sa ki ap'fet la?

Where is the beef?

Are we going forward?

I am confuse, can someone explain to me how come in Duvalier time the Haitian workers used to get more cash for their labor

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Sigmund Freud says...

Officer, get this mental patient Jean Pierre Alexandre to the nearest psychiatric ER. He is known to several psychiatric ER not as a worker but as a patient. He is not in compliance with his psychotropic medications since two weeks. more »

Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Animal,we don't have to use fertile land to make an industrial park"this is a booboo",may be we should have the same law like Barbados. My question to you;Where are we going to grow food? Animal,google 3d Haiti,maybe you will understand. La pla more »