Laurent Lamothe Should Succeed Martelly and not Nicolas Duvalier II

Toulimen Legrand - February 12 2012, 9:32 PM

Laurent Lamothe has the potential to succeed Martelly because his mixed diplomacy works.

He will bring jobs in Haiti with Venezuela and other Latin American countries.

He will get the French businesses reopen as he will open Haiti's market to businesses.

I love his diplomacy and I wish him well. He is the type of person that Haiti needs to move it forward and he is a Haitian for life as being born from both Haitian parents.

He is a national Haitian meaning by that he is a Haitian belonger.

Only Haitians born from one or both Haitian parents are Haitian for life. Acquiring other countries' citizenship cannot take away Haitian nationality.

Duvalierist Louis Eugene Roy wanted only Duvalierists and neo-Duvalierists to be president in Haiti and as such he believed that acquiring other countries'citizenship could take away one's Haitian nationality.

What did Dessalines say about Haitian nationality when defining it, he said that Haitians born from one or both Haitian parents are Haitians for life. He did not exclude mulattos for having a white parent on their blood at the birth of Haiti as a nation.

Martelly is a Haitian for life and another or two other citizenships cannot take away his Haitian nationality.

Martelly is not Jus Soli Citizen of any foreign country, and therefore, he is Haitian for life. If this CIA paid Haitian Congress does not want to be shut down they need to shut their mouth and let Haiti's economic progress follow its course.

No coups D'Etats will be tolerated in Haiti and Martelly will not go exile in any US chosen country.

Liberty or death, we will defend Haiti soon!

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