We need security for all Haitians from the Diaspora who will...

Toulimen Legrand - February 13 2012, 8:02 PM

We need security for all Haitians from the Diaspora who will be there to rejoice during the carnival season in Haiti.

They are the first tourists to visit their own country after the earthquake and no need for foreign tourists who always bring diseases to Haitians there.

We are not immunized against those diseases and that is why I am not asking for tourists to visit Haiti.

They are very tricky and they carry germs on them to inflict diseases to our loved ones in Haiti.

This is always biowarfare against a poor nation that refuses to be colonized by any foreign powers.

Martelly needs to develop tourism for Haitians and not for outsiders.

If Martelly can provide security to the Haitians from the Diaspora while being in Haiti, I can guarantee one that the government can make more money from us than foreigners.

World bioscientists never hesitate to pay money huge sum of money to those diseases carriers that we call tourists to infect those third world countries and in return they make big profits from the sales of medicines and doctors' costs.

Yvrance, I like you very much and please don't let people fool you ok about money from foreign tourists.

To repeat Pierre Leger, they are charognards of humanity.

We need to count on ourselves and we can develop our own country for ourselves ok. I want internal tourism for Haitian students and Haitians in the Diaspora.

Internal tourism should be integrated into our school curriculum and it will revive the economy.

The restaurant will make money and the hotels as well. The government needs to start building restaurants and hotels for every thirty driven miles in our roads and later turn them over to private contractors for better management.

Martelly needs to revive our historical sites so Haitians can learn about the past and appreciate their culture.

I am telling you if we had a good minister of culture, all those ideas could be implemented in a split second.

Haitians need to love their country, but those lazy Mulatto CEOs never see the need to develop this country.

For every 100 mulatto CEO directors, only 2 of them are dark skinned Haitians.

We need huge administrative reform in terms of equal representation of ethnic groups in Haiti and transparency as well. The Haitian elites are managing those public institutions as 98% to make us slaves of the world as well as creating foreign dependency for Haiti.

Yvrance, open your eyes and see what's coming ahead.

Please don't call for those charognards of humanity to be in Haiti to inflict more pain and suffering to Haitians.

May God bless you! Shalom!


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