Haitian Vitamin-News Special Reports 15 Feb 2012

Agent-x - February 15 2012, 5:37 PM

Agency-X-1804 is working in an EXTRAORDINARY project in Chicago Illinois that currently requires 15 hours X 7 days a week of our time. if every work according to our schedule, this project will be completed by mid-June 2012. Nevertheless, our agents will be able to find time for sporadic publication of special news about Haiti and its "diaspora."

As you know, the economic situation is worsening in Haiti since Clinton imposed Martelly to Haiti.

Now the Haitian military armed with Martelly's slingshots or fistibals is invading the rural area of North Carolina, USA. The North Carolina Military offer no resistance.

Rumors has it they are fleeing from their barracks.


Agent-X will attend on February 18th 2012 the funeral of his {former girlfriend during 1985}Whitney Houston.

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