The Dominican Reserve Bank WantsTo Open A Branch In Haiti

Jean Pierre Alexandre - March 5 2012, 11:39 AM

Does Haiti have a national reserve bank?

I wonder if the ex-presidents looted the vault until empty.


Maybe, the haitian slaves in DR are the Haiti's national reserve.

People, don't get upset or offended, Jean Pierre Alexandre like to storm his tiny winy little brain out.

Proper term: "Brainstorming"

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Kamoken Scandinavia says...

Nous voila Une Banque Dominicaine en Haiti? Des prostitues Des rumeurs d'arrestation de Mr Aristide? Le Zulu La demission de Conille malgre la presence du Gouverneur General Bill Clinton? Des ambitions presidentielles de Mr Thierry Mayard more »

Dr. D says...

Bravo Smart guy. You've said it all. The man really dont have a clue on anything. You have Ti simone like you call him as president for 5 years, you'll be sorry after. Mark my word Peace out brother! more »

Yvrance Unelus says...

Haiti needs a Greenpoint Bank or an European Bank or aManufacturers Hanover Trust,one in each department to develop affordable housing and Urban development.What about a Banco Popular? more »