I doubt that's Richelle and she knows what's going on...

Toulimen Legrand - March 5 2012, 7:38 PM

I doubt that's Richelle and she knows what's going on. Richelle and I are not seeking revenge on anyone and we both know that Haitians are bad. They are selling their souls to evil for money.

They got paid twice by CIA and by the government to destroy Haiti.

Only an Iron Man can bring Haiti into order.

CIA knows how to manipulate those morons and Richelle and I know that. You can use Richelle's name to make your point but you will never get her brain.

She is smart and she knows the tricky game of Haitian politicians and CIA as well. Haitians will stay subservient of the U.S. like Cubans were before Castro.

Only a member of the Haitian Oligarch like Castro could change stuffs in Haiti, but that day will occur in the future.

Haiti will be for Haitians and the dependency will end. I endorse what I said and I will not back down. The U.S. CIA is behind all crisis in Haiti and they know how to manipulate those apatrides called Hair Chiens.

Hate yourself i.e. Hair Toi-meme for Haitian.

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I agree to that!"CIA loves Haiti than Haitians love...


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