Make no fuss about double nationalities. Work together for a...

Yvrance Unelus - March 13 2012, 12:23 PM

Make no fuss about double nationalities.

Work together for a better Haiti.

It is time for Haiti to give any haitian citizens regardless of their backgrounds the Haitian dream.

If they have a good education and experience and are an asset to Haiti.

if hey want to make Haiti a better place to live. if hey want to rebuild Haiti.

if they are interested in the development of Haiti, Haiti love them. Some of them are just like Michaelle Jean, Wyclef Jean. They were born Haiti of haitian parents, Their homes are in Haiti and want to develop Haiti and make Haiti a better place to live under the sun in the carribean.

Haiti is the Carribbean Pearl.

Work together to develop literacy in Haiti, to build affordable housing in Haiti, to reform healthcare, to develop Agriculture, social mobilization, transportation, communication, to create jobs in Haiti, to develop tourism in Haiti.

to develop human rights and bring democracy in Haiti.

ff you were born in Haiti and have studied in France, Canada, USA, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Brazil, Cuba, Jamaica.

Switzerland etc. and want to develop Haiti, to spread the reign of God in Haiti.

You are welcome to Haiti anytime.



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