Haiti's National Unity Is A Must To Create Jobs For Haitians In Haiti

Legrand Toulimen - May 1 2012, 2:06 PM

We, all should focus on Haiti's national unity to promote peace, jobs'growth and democracy in Haiti.

We should forget the Haitian Oligarchy for selling Haitians to the international community to enrich themselves in Haiti.

Meanwhile, we should tell them that this the time for the sold out slaves to invest in Haiti to reduce Haiti's dependency from foreign countries.

Forty percent of New York and Florida's doctors are Haitians.

They should come back or build hospitals to help Haiti overcome imported illnesses.

We should stop importing foods, material goods and diseases in Haiti.

It is time for Haitians to create jobs for other Haitians.

We want the Oligarchy of Haiti to understand that before it is too late. Unity and Haitian reconciliation should be the top priorities of all in Haiti.

Le a rive an nou tout mete men.Hi Samba, Lucas cannot be promoted to the Haitian presidency because he is a CIA spy. Haitians don't know him and he will not be president ok. Don't waste your time arguing against this sold out Haitian ok!

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Tiba says...

Toulimen, I agree with you 100% and I support of these ideas to move Haiti forward. However, moving Haiti forward by Haitians is a false illusion theory. Nothing gets done where there is only "talk" without fondamental thinking, and Haitians are more »