Deportation of Haitian Criminals from the United States and other parts of the world.

Eve Joseph - May 27 2012, 2:28 PM

Dear Mr. President,
My concern for Haiti, is the number of criminals that are being deported from the United States and else where.

As these criminal sets foot in Haiti, it will become a major issue for the country, I urge the President to have these criminals remain locked-up in jail for the safety of the public in Haiti.

Please look into this matter before it becomes a major set back for the country.

The government needs build more prisons and a solid court system to handle our jurisdiction system.

It's time to put real law an order in Haiti, at the same time it will create jobs for the people of Haiti.

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International Prison says...

Haiti needs an international prison more »

Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Are you sure you are asking the right thing here. Martelly have a lot of Haitian criminals"deportes" drug dealers in his entourage. Criminals are good for a country to have. I believe those deportes are Haitians too and they deserves to be in their more »

Eve Lebron says...

Listern trash, my concern was address to the President of Haiti, unless you're holding the title on the low. go crawl into a dark hell hole where you belong. By the way I want him to create the Jail cells just for your ignorant ass. Go get a fucking more »

Marjorie Middy says...

Did anybody sell Belpolitik Blog to Agent-X? This person is monopolizing the Blog with a lot of repetitious nonsense, yet nothing is being done about it, while other bloggers tried to enlightened the public, they get caught off. Now I understand why more »

Clement Babot says...

The fruit never fall far from its tree You are a pathetic mutant. This guy is not responsible for your severe intellectual deficit. Go to the libraries and try to educate yourself.Your envy and jealousy will not bring you anywhere but to drag you lo more »