You are so satisfied tirouj that you already see the...

Toulimen Legrand - July 31 2012, 12:02 PM

You are so satisfied tirouj that you already see the difference.

Search Haitian history to see if there is a difference.

Every 40 to 50 years Haitian elites retake power to rebuild in Haiti.

You are either a tirouj or too young to understand what is going on with this politics of more of the same routine.

This is mulatto's time and if you have to live another 40 years you will witness the destruction of this system because mulatto commanders as CEO within all Haitian public institutions will not cooperate to preserve their legacies.

That is the way Haitian politics is and as Napoleon stated it dark skinned blacks are not fit to govern and mulattoes should never allow them to govern well their countries.

Go study Haitian history and world history to understand blacks and whites' politics ok before you start judging.

You are too blind to understand this. Learn instead or shut up ok.

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