Martelly's Entourage Creates Tet Kale Party To Join The Messy Pluralism In Haiti

Toulimen Legrand - August 17 2012, 7:17 PM

That is a shame.

Those ignorants could not see that Haiti is the only country in the Caribbean Region with 140 political parties.

Instead of creating a law to call for three main political parties to organize the country, Martelly's entourage prefers joining the political mess. Shame on his entourage and Haiti cannot be anything else than a backyard of the United States to dump their garbage.

Haitians are bayakous as claim by the New York Times article on the Awaiting of The Grand Bayakou before the last elections of 2011. Haiti is a latrine and it smells terribly too.

No autoroutes, no sewage systems and the Arab lands are going to the sea every day due to forest desertification.

We will never have a country for ourselves.

I thought that Martelly was going to end this stupid political pluralism in Haiti as created by Aubelin Jolicoeur and the gang of the Le Petit Samedi Soir. That is a shame.

Martelly, you should not have joined this mess. Shame on you and shame on your stinky and smelly political entourage.

No hope for Haiti and shame on you! Jean-Jacques Dessalines Legrand as konwn as The Great died in vain. Dessalines The Great died in vain and Toussaint The First of the Blacks died in vain. Shame on you for joining this mess with that stinky Tet Kale Party!

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