No more handouts. Martelly said he was going to change...

Nadege - September 1 2012, 12:14 AM

no more handouts.

Martelly said he was going to change this..however Haiti is not a sovereing nation.

They borrow money and do not have a system where they need to creat their own jobs. Th Haitian needs to 2 things: Protect thmeselves from the global elitist with military and weapons, so that countries like united States will not invade us. They also need to trenghten their private sector and learn to create our own jobs.

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Tiba, the state of Haiti cannot continue to be the...


Martelly Mwen Mande Ou Redwi Administrasyon Pou Ou Mete Volo Deyo Ou Derefize

Mwen di Ou ke trop Ayisyen ap travay nan gouvenman an e yap touché pou gran mesi. Pa gen lajan nan bije a pou Ou...

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