Will Haiti ever be a developped country?

Tiba - September 22 2012, 2:54 PM

In my opinion, NO!

1) Haitians get rid of the premetive mentality
2) Haitians stop being so delusional
3) Haitians stop being so territorial and protectionist
4) Haitians understand the role of government and the role of civilians/citizens.

5) Haitians get rid of their dictatorship mentality
6) Haitian social is opened to ouside
7) Haitians free Haiti from the stone age and premetive era
8) Haitians learn/capable to think for themselves
9) Haitians put their citizens first
10) Haitian government starts providing/showing leadership and taking on its responsibility toward its citizens.

Without these changes, Haiti is doomed to sink right down the bottom of the ocean with everyone in it. It is a shame to claim that Haiti will take another 30 years to get to the level of Dominican Republic.

Don't Haitians and the government know this is NOT a compliment?

This declaration challenges the competence and the "know-how" of the Haitian people and their government.

If Haitians could concentrate in showing very little competence and the know-how as they spend so much time bragging about their educational level and all the prestigeous college and universities they have attended, they would be able to bring Haiti to the level of Dominican Republic in about only 5 years.

Unfortunately, knowing my beloved Haitian people and their government, Haiti will never get there in this life time. Sorry to say it, but it's the truth.

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