Congratulations, Martelly/Lamothe Administration is going...

Roosevelt Mondesir - November 1 2014, 3:23 PM

Congratulations, Martelly/Lamothe Administration is going forward with tourism, real estate, affordable housing in the Grande Anse with an airport in Jeremie.

The next time I go to Haiti, I will take American Airline to JFK airport to Jeremie to visit all the South of Haiti and I do not have to go to Port au Prince for passport, visa. They will have to build recreation centers, dancing clubs, nice waterfront hotels, econolodges for tourists to vacation in the island.

Nou prale ouei yo nan Sud Haiti.

Response to:

bon travay devan nou prale nou pap tounen deye bravo...

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PHOTO: Haiti - Premier Roche la depoze pou construction yon Aeroport nan Ville Jeremie

Gade photo saa... Haiti - Premier Minis Laurent Lamothe depoze Premier wosh la pou komansman travay construction yon...

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