Haiti needs international partners to find solutions for the...

Juanita Luberman - March 13 2015, 8:53 PM

Haiti needs international partners to find solutions for the long term reconstruction and the development of Haiti in every department.

Haiti needs a Medical, Pharmacy and Dentistry in the North, South and the West for the young Haitians to get involved in Healthcare in every department.

Haiti need clean pure water.

Haiti needs scientists to explore the natural resources and to bring them to fruition.

Haiti needs schools of Technology in every department.

Sure, Haiti should get involved in Global Initiatives to create jobs, reduce unemployment in every department in Haiti.

Haiti cannot do this by himself.

Haiti do not stay behind.

Expand your horizons.

Haiti should get involved in finding cure for cancer, heart disease, HIV, Ebola, etc. Haiti do not stay alone.

Welcome to Haiti anytime for internship, for vacation, retirement, etc.

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