As the next election is close, do not forget to go to all...

By: Daniel Morris (replying to topic) - May 14 2015, 3:28 PM

As the next election is close, do not forget to go to all towns and rural sections of the Cayes, Nippes, Grande Anse in the South of Haiti.

Every town needs hotels for tourists, senatorial, presidential candidates and staff to campaign in all the provinces of the South of Haiti.

Do not forget St. Yves, St. Francois for your presidential campaign.

Welcome to the Nippes.

Welcome to all the towns of the North, the South, the West and East of Haiti.

Haiti really needs hotels and assisted living residences for local and international tourists to come for all types of business in Haiti.

RE: Presidential candidate of PHTK


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Presidential candidate of PHTK

Qui sera le candidat a la presidence du parti PHTK don't la majorite de nous qui sommes dans la Diaspora supportons...

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