Haitian Dominican Immigrant

Evelyn Joseph - June 20 2015, 10:45 AM

Mr. President,

I am very concern about the current situation that's developing between the Dominican Republic and Haiti.

I am worried about the flooding of Dominican immigrants that will be entering Haiti without papers, when we don't have the space, jobs, or home to provide for these individuals.

This approach will be devastating, knowing we don't have the means or the resources to help these people.

I find this current situation to be ironic to see the Dominican government all of the sudden claim they are too over crowded and passed a bogus law to send these Immigrant that has been reside and migrate in their country for decades.

Personally, this is not our problem, they should of never allowed these people to cross their border without proper documents for all these years.

After Haiti's earthquake, the country is very delicate and velnerable right now, and should not take this kind of risk of adding an additional 200,000 people in the country.

Personally I find this to be a racist act on part of the Dominican Goverment.

Individuals with less then 10 years out of Haiti should be allow back, not from 1929. In addition as our leader please negotiate with the Dominican government about this, and if they don't comply, then send all the Dominicans back from Haiti to Dominican Republic to make space for our sisters and brother.

Thank you

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