St. Anne Celebration in the Nippes

John Sivio - July 9 2015, 6:53 PM

July 26, 2015 is St Anne festivities in Anse a Veaux, Nippes, South of Haiti.

Be ready to take your vacation in the Nippes this summer.

Anse a Veaux needs a St. Anne hotel, Assisted Living residence, affordable housing, restaurants, Laundromats, ice cream store, photo studio, cinema, payless shoes store, Cosmetology school, buses on the roads, recreation center, night clubs for tourists to come to vacation, honeymoons, to spend the winter under the sun. Welcome to the Nippes anytime.

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John Silvio says...

The Nippes needs a car dealer and a driving school in every town to promote social mobilization in the Nippes. The Nippes needs a hotel in every town to promote tourism in the Nippes and the whole South of Haiti. The South of Haiti needs buses on t more »

Joseph Unelus says...

Haiti needs three Automotive Schools and three Culinary schools in the South, the North, The East, and the West to promote social mobilization and tourism Let us go places. Put buses on the roads for Haiti to travel faster like in New York. Create more »