earthbag homes

Edwin Lynch - December 31 2015, 5:56 PM

dear Sir
Why is the government not promoting earthbag homes in Haiti .I am a scot/Canadian and would like to build some of these homes in Madam Marie These homes would be given to people that are interested in Permaculture in order to obtain self sufficience by grown their own food, My plan is to make these homes complete with solar energy with water sanitation and permaculture gardens, These homes are cheap to build and can provide labour for the Haitian people and they can earn money to lift them out of poverty, My requested is to obtain land in Madame Marie to complete this project .please advise .contact erldisplayco [at]

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Paul Bance says...

Dame Marie is in the Grande Anse and the Grande Anse is an island. Dame Marie needs strong houses in brick and block that can resist earthquake and hurricanes. You should build strong two to three bedrooms houses in brick or block in Dame Marie to more »

Edwin Lynch says...

it is not an island please check your map.These homes are earthquake resistant and they are for the Haitian people can be built for $2-3 thousand dollars by Haitian workers that get paid also solar is to run all equipment required to be self suffici more »

Paul Bance says...

29 Janvier 2016, fete St. Francois nan Bacconois, Anse a Veau, Nippes. Pa blier aller nan fete St.Francois, Bacconois. The Nippes is one of the best places to retire in Haiti. You can build an affordable two bedrooms with about $50,000 and a three more »