Press Release

Martelly News - January 20 2016, 4:20 PM

Port-au-Prince, January 20th 2016
The Haitian Government strongly condemns the incident that occurred yesterday Tuesday January 19th 2016, at the dock of the Labadee Port with the unfortunate arrival of a group of protesters.

The situation provoked unnecessary tension for visitors/cruisers exploring the site during the incident.

The Government strongly believes that certain differences can be resolved with dialogue and peace.

The Haitian Government has already taken necessary measures to remedy the situation caused by these protests.

Government officials have already planned to meet and entertain dialogues with the residents of Labadee.

We would like to reassure our most prestigious cruise-ship partner Royal Caribbean that we are taking every measure possible to secure the area and resume all touristic activities.

The Haitian Government reaffirms the implementation of its overall policy to ensure that Haiti can become one of the main tourist destination in the Caribbean and welcome visitors from around the world.

Communications Office of the Prime Minister

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