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All your premises and conclusion are wrong. Agent-X does not...

All your premises and conclusion are wrong. Agent-X does not bother to reply to certified idiot.It is just like trying to teach mathematics or philosophy to a cat, dog or horse. Agent-X does not from the bourgeois class nor the people that from the... more »

This was the short list. I have the main list: 1-Argentocracy...

This was the short list. I have the main list: 1-Argentocracy 2-"Bribeocrcy" 3-Anemocracy 4-Autocracy 5-Binarchy 6-Chirocracy 7-Despotocracy 8-Foolocracy 9-"Homosexualocracy" 10-Kleptolocracy 11-Mobocracy 12-"Crackhedocracy 13-"Bribeocracy... more »

Improve your IQ Series

Based on what you know about Haiti, which type of government is ruling Haiti now? You could pick 2 alternatives beside your main choice but you must explain why you pick the other 2 alternatives. What best describing the current government in... more »

Agent-X highly recommends those interesting websites:

21 July 2011 06:33 A.M. Benin time I am still at Benin airport awaiting for the next flight to Brazil. I just find an interesting website called before its news Alex Jones website is at: Drudge report is another... more »

Agent-X is leaving Ouidah , Benin to go to Bahia,Brazil,South America

Wednesday, July 20,2011 08:00 P.M Benin Time.=12:00 Noon Los Angeles Time Agent-X is leaving Ouidah, Benin, West Africa to go to Bahia, Brazil, South America. Atettion[VIO- Tango5, VIO- Hotel7, VIO- Echo1] System wide radio blackout until further... more »

Agent-X is leaving Porto Novo to go to Ouidah within Bebenin,W. Africa

16 July 2011 Porto Novo, Benin, West Africa Time: 10:27 P.M.= 4:27 P.M. Haitian Time I am leaving Porto Novo to make an unscheduled important visit to Ouidah another important city in Benin to take care some very important business for Haiti. Where... more »

Inter-species communication program will help baboon Alexander

If you keep using vulgar languages on any website, I will instruct their webmaster to clip your wings. Your lack of education leads you to frustration. The paucity of your intellectual arsenal is lamentable in comparison to human being. Therefore... more »

Baboob A-2539 was on stage on TV today.Seedetails below

Good evening, Baboon Alexander was performing his usual tricks from his cage by remote control to entertain the Doctor,Pedagogue and Excellence President Jean Bertrand Aristide and millions of telespectators during Aristide birth day. The show was... more »

Place des Heros de la democrtie Haitienne

Bonne fete, Docteur,pedagogue et president Jean Bertrand Aristide. Vous etes le Messie haitienne. C'est pourquoi les veritables patriotes Haitiens se convergent en imposant nombre aujourd'hui 15 juillet 2011 vers Tabare pour vous souhaite bonne... more »

This is an addendum to Bernard Dishonorable Gousse dossiers...

This is an addendum to Bernard Dishonorable Gousse dossiers. This specimen should have been waiting in Hague tribunal to face justice as a war criminal. more »

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