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Haitian Vitamin-News Special Reports 26 Jan 2012

Two years after an earthquake devastated Haiti, Haitians in America have turned to traditional religious ritual for comfort. Leigh Paterson explains the power of voodoo. They gather at a voodoo temple in a dark Brooklyn basement strewn with... more »

Haitian Vitamin-News Special Reports 19 Jan 2012

Iran threatens to torpedo US aircraft carriers if such carriers threaten Iran security and territorial integrity.Tune to Alex jones internet radio program for the latest. more »

Road disaster on Delmas ,P-au-P, Haiti. 30 are reported dead so far

Breaking News When certain people in power are driving and disregard the driving laws and regulations. When certain people in power use their political connections to drive unsafe cars on the road, when certain people in power are exceeding the... more »

Haitian Vitamin-News 11 January 2012-Part-A

◙ ▬ 12 January 2012 ►A magnitude-7.6 earthquake, with its epicenter 365 kilometers northwest of the Simeuleu Islands, Aceh, rocked Sumatra in the early hours of Wednesday and prompted the Meteorology... more »

Haitian Vitamin-News 09 January 2012-Part-A-4

◙ youtube-com 08 ▬ January 2012►Michel Martelly "Dasoman-n" Made In U.S.A♦ Pour more »

Haitian Vitamin-News 09 January 2012-Part-A-3

◙ ▬15 August 2011►POLICE NATIONALE D'HAITI - OPERATION " AMBA KOD " SUITE Mario Andresol - Metro News - 08.12.2011► Police operations in Haiti #haiti vyolans4 arestasyon fet nan afrontman... more »

Haitian Vitamin-News 09 January 2012-Part-A-2 Haitian Senator Jean Charles Moise accuses Michel Martelly of Dirty Politics. Revelation of Michel Martelly's dirty politics by Haitian Senator Jean Charles. Will the Haitian's parliament move to impeach Michel Martelly? more »

Haitian Vitamin-News 09 January 2012-Part-A-1

◙ youtube-com ▬ 07 January 2012 Senator Moise Jean Charles interview with Erns Harrison on Signal FM. Senator Moise Jean Charles makes Haitians all proud. Senator Moise Jean Charles: The Biography of The Unsung Hero. Senator... more »

Haitian Vitamin-News 09 January 2012-Part-A-

◙ cubastandard-com ▬ 8 January 2012 Cuba was a top priority to Rousseff's predecessor, Luiz Inaacio 'Lula' da Silva, who visited Cuba three times in three years.. From Cuba, Rousseff is scheduled to travel to Haiti Feb. 1, where Cuba... more »

Haitian History 08 January 2012-vol-1

Histoire d more »

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