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Haitians Engaged In Politics Are Bad; Then Haiti Will Always Be Worst!

Unhumane, greedy politicians and subservients of the Haitian oligarchy cannot change Haiti. Mme Lassegue has been into power for 35 years and still want to be part of this new government. This is the same political gang and they will be reappointed... more »

Why you keep changing name and switching sides as well...

Why you keep changing name and switching sides as well. Sometimes you call yourself Baboon Agent-x or Baboon Agent-X and I realize that you are confused like those homosexuals who believe that they were born in the wrong bodies. You are very... more »

Agent-x is one of those Jackasses wealthy middle class in...

Agent-x is one of those Jackasses wealthy middle class in Haiti. He is wasting Haitian resources to visit those countries in order to spy on Haitians there. He is among the 3% of wealthiest Haitian Jackasses. You know only a social revolution can... more »

Family Reunification For Jean-Claude and Michele Bennett

Michele Bennet just wrote Martelly to permit her to return to Haiti so her children could visit their father and enjoy life with him. As Michele explains it in her letter that Duvalier is very ill and can die any time soon therefore having his... more »

Should Haiti Use Sex Gender Vaccine to Control Its Population Like the G-8

Actually, the Muslim population in India suspect the Indian Government with its population control with its vaccination campaign against HPV and ovarian cancer diseases. Muslims in India suspect sex gender vaccine, sterilization and other diseases... more »

Haiti's Earthquake Timeline

From 1673 to 2010, Haiti were hit by 8 major earthquakes from 7.1 to 8.1 on the Richter scale. Here are the following dates: 1673, 1684, 1751, 1770, 1842 (Destruction of Sans-Soucis Palace), 1860, 1946, and 2010. Could you figure out the next one... more »

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