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Mon prezident mwen pou change peyi a tout bon vre paske nou gen longtan nap soufri nan mize mwen ta vle peyi a vini yon peyi tout bon.mwen reconet wap travail tout bon pou nou se pou tet sa nou tout avek ou tou. mersi prezident matelly more »

Yolande, I hate school and books. I am a school drop out. You...

Yolande, I hate school and books. I am a school drop out. You must be out of your mind if you think I will give you a bourse to finish university. Right mow Haiti is open for business. I will rent you a valise or a backpack to work in the factories... more »

Haiti needs a vigilantly group hit men of expert

Dear Mr. President My name is Serge. I left Haiti in 1976 to immigrate here in the United States, since then unfortunately I never received a good news from Haiti, many tragedies hit the country which could have destroyed Haiti, nevertheless, the... more »

Congratulations Mr. President

Mr. President you promese security if you reach that goal in a short time you and Haiti can make a lot of progress, and that will be great. Security mean more tourist, tourist spend money on food, hotel, sourvenirs, taxi, bar and restaurant,also... more »

A Message For President Michel Martelly

Dear President Martelly,i congratulate you for your big victory.i wish you all the best for the new generation of haiti.but,don't forget your promise for the ''double nationality '''.i really want you to fix that for the honor of every haitian... more »

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