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Haitian Vitamin-News 12 October 2011

12 October 2011 Haitian Vitamin-News Michel Martelly met with former Haitian presidents. Pacific Free Press: Resident Bill: Clinton has more power in Haiti than more »

RE: Watch Bill Clinton at the HarMonica & Matelly at the Saxophone

The folowing sites are the "Deggies" You people listen and take note about where the degenerate Amerrequins put Haiti to: more »

RE: PHOTO: Presidents BIll Clinton and Michel Martelly - Clinton Global Initiative

Haiti needs International partners to create jobs in Haiti. Haiti cannot stay alone in ignorance speaking creole, fighting against each other. Haiti needs a Marriot hotel in the North, the South, Holiday Inn in every department for tourists to... more »

Build a website now for Haiti

Mr. President it will be an embarrassment to our country to let other countries build our palace with their own funds. Yes, we may need their expertise but not their money. You need to build the website now, now and right now. This is the very... more »

Orchestre Caribe ou Orchestre Caribbean

In the spirit of reconciliation in Haiti and to stimulate tourism, president Martelly should create a Musical Orchestra and will call it Orchestre Caribe or Caribbean Orchestra or L'orchestre des Caraibes. Bill Clinton will be at the Harmonica... more »

A Message For President Michel Martelly

Dear President Martelly, my name is bill and i would like to congratulate you for your victory.I hope God will protect your during your 5 years term.well i also interested to join yuor party please feel free to contact me at billgar992000 at... more »

Mrs Clinton

President Martelly, I know you are a no nonense man. don't let the american official treat you like a begger which I know you are not. if Hillary Clinton doesn't have you on her schedule, tell her see ya. we are Haitian and I know you are and I'm... more »

les nations unis

roi clinton roi duvalier roi aristide on a un nom pour ses trois rois mais ils ne peuvent pas realizer qu ils sont la cause de nos problemes alors the president should give clinton a dead line pour retirer ses incapables incompetent du pays more »

RE: Haïti passe à l'heure d'hiver à partir du dimanche 4 Novembre 2012

He got his advices from Bill Clinton and if they refuse they will not have financing. Preval was a conservative person very connected to the Republican elites of Haiti and that is why he did not accept to enter the Daylight Saving Time Project. You... more »

The criminal elites of the Illuminati,Luciferian,Draconian system hijack Haiti.

Let's think about the evil absurdity of the crisis playing out in Haiti, and the complicity of international forces that set the stage for this looming tragedy five years ago. President Michel Martelly of Haiti is refusing to leave office on... more »