Salut mon excelence! comment allez vous?

By: Wildy - July 15 2011, 8:51 AM

Hey papa yap tuye etudyan nou nan sen domingue wi, mwen panse fo nou jwen n respe nou sou gouvenman w lan nan sen domeng.

La jeunesse croit sur votre gouvernement.

Yo soy un haitiano viviendo en la republica tambien trabajando, Nou se yon pep ki gen anpil pase historik, sen domeng sipoze respekte nou. yo gade nou tankou fatra sa pa fe sans di yon mo pou nou nou renmenw anpil michel

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Mirna Dabouze Vitiello says...

No Sir, Haitian student starting to go to study in Dominican Republic, USA, because of the abuses anarchy and naked aggression and lawless climate during the Duvalier regime. During that period, the prowler Jacques Gracia ambushed himself around gi more »

Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Wildy,don't give up no matter what come ahead. You guys need to organize yourselves in group in every schools and neighborhoods,gather information daily or weekly across to each other. I am sure you guys can detect,select good Dominicans individua more »

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