Toulimen, Where were you. Strong comment as always from you...

Richelle - August 30 2011, 6:31 AM

Toulimen, Where were you. Strong comment as always from you I'm very pride of you as Haitian.You really see things the way things are in Haiti's affair.

As much as I like being in America but dislike seeing how America treats Haiti.But the real thing is it's not them it is the so-called haichien hungry government people.They don't want to depend on themselves like our ancestors did and therefore America sees that and take advantage of it.I keep my fingers cross to see martelly differentiate his government from the past government since jean Claude left Haiti.

So far I'm not thrill about Martelly and I still like him.I want to give him more time to see what his going to do with the so-called senate who hold his back to move Haiti forward.

Martelly needs to man up and be tough with those dogs. Speaking of that thing call himself agent kk you can see this guy is lonely he has no life his looking for attention.

America needs to let Haiti loose in order for Haiti to be shine little bit but again its not depend on them. Martelly has to be creative, practical to figure how to not fully depend on America.

until then Haiti will never be shine again.

It is a big shame for us that french American and others make sure that our ancestors have died for nothing as a result of our chien cochon kk Haitian politichien.And it's hurt us badly specially us who lives overseas to see our home land on TV on a regular basis and the media take pleasure to bad mouth about haiti.

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