Noble Peace Prize To Our President Martelly

Ronald Altieri - October 22 2011, 9:40 AM

I read a an absolutely wonderful idea from someone name 'Makandal Neg Mancho; the idea is for our Honorable President Michel Joseph Martelly to be honored for his work on reconcialition and peace iniative in Haiti.

It it clear to anyone that his revolutianary initiative permeates all political borders, and is therefore worthy worthy of such an applaud from the Noble Prize world organization.

This is an excellent idea, and would be great to boost up our national pride in the youth who are coming up in a society where lies, cheat and vengenace is being applauded to the detriment of our culture and society.

Let us do as much we can to make become reality.

The world should know about this avant garde musician who is now conducting a symphony of reconcialiation and peace.

The world can really learn something from our Honorable President Michel Joseph Martelly, and to nominate and honor him with the Noble Peace Prize is very fitting.

I would like to add that some personalities are also doing some great work in Rwanda, along the lines of national peace and reconciliation, and should probably share the stage.

Makandal Neg Mancho, these are the kind of ideas that separates those are talking, and those who are thinking.

Thank you for your thoughts.

I thank you in the name of our ancestors and our future generations.

Always In Christ,
Ronald Attieri

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