Agentx you need to leave martelly blog now

Tank - November 7 2011, 10:53 AM

Dont get mad at me agentx I am just try to help you out my next try will be at a grocery store my uncle just open a grocery he told me he need someone to put in the corner of the street to hold a cardboard that says buy one get one free come agentx at least you been working two hours in your lifetime at the buffet get out from the front porshe and stop waiting for the mailman to bring that welfare check you even go to the welfare office on sunday dont you and by the way duvalier was a clean man not a nasty guy like you aristide and preval if he did not build that airport your next flight to haiti will be at santo domingo airport

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Antoine Simon Estime says...

The President who Build Port-Au- Prince Airport is the Best leader EVER. Because, during the last 25 years, there have been no similar project in Haiti. Because this is the only way agent X and his partners can get grounded in the Land of Dessalin more »