Haitian Leaders Are Lazy and Haitians Are Lazy Too

Joubert F - December 13 2011, 3:48 PM

If our economic, political, religious and social leaders were not lazy they could have created 500 career jobs that don't even require a four year college to control active growth of the Haitian population over the past 200 years.

Rather they are so lazy and they are waiting after outsiders to come to create jobs for them. They have no plans in mind and they don't even know how to create jobs. Jobs like security guard, plumbing, electrician, carpenter, tailor, limo driver, taxi driver, bus driver, nursing assistant, customer service reps, assembler, picker, packer, grocer, and many more just require a few weeks of training.

License everything and you will see how many jobs one will see available in this country.

I feel sad for being born in a land filled with a bunch of lazy leaders who are aimed for self-destruction of Haitians.

We are judged by our elites and if they are labeled lazy so we are all lazy too. Haitians are lazy because their elites are lazy. It is time to stop supporting lazy leaders like Mevz, Castera, Saliba, Delatour, Flambert, Vitiello, Accra, Brown, Beaussan, Vorbes, Gourgues, Desroches, Brandt, and so on to name a few. Those people live only to build new luxury houses for themselves and foods too. They have no aim in promoting jobs on behalf of 85% of unemployed Haitians and that is why Haitians are killing themselves in Haiti.

Enough is enough and we should start rebelling against those lazy leaders.

Shame on them!

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