Martelly needs to start farming by getting those people back...

Joubert F - December 13 2011, 3:55 PM

Martelly needs to start farming by getting those people back on their land to lower the food import rate. We need to call for those farm laborers lost in DR to return home soon to farm so we can have a better life in Haiti.

I am sick and tired with lazy leaders and I don't feel the need to support them anymore.

They need to stop calling me because I don't need job from them. Money cannot silent me and I want good life for all. I want all Haitians to feed themselves at least twice a day in this next upcoming decade.

Food revolution should be won. If those lazy leaders did not fully invest in food importation we would have a better country filled with foods for all. Shame on them to let Haitians starving themselves.The rate of 85% to 90% unemployed Haitians is unacceptable.

We cannot support lazy leaders ok.

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