Kidnapping is because we don't create jobs for the Haitian...

Joubert Fontus - December 19 2011, 7:51 PM

Kidnapping is because we don't create jobs for the Haitian people and it is a political device used to bring the Haitian Army back to protect the wealth of the rich. They are financed by several political and economic groups of Haiti such as CIA, Haitian businessmen, and the former Army commanders.

Don't you see they don't want those arrested criminals to be tried in courts.

You can understand why they got killed when any police officers are under attacks.

Cover up and it will always be cover up and investigations will continue on and on. Crimes are everywhere in the world and democracy is no where ok. Haiti should be open to business and we will survive.

We are genuine people and our DNA and RNA are not modified too. We love our country and we will defend it to death.

Happy Holiday Seasons to you!



First and foremost, I would like to apologize to you my Haiti Cherie. I think I have been too critical of you. I...

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