I agree with you Bernadette and I commend you in defending the...

Dansezo - December 20 2011, 8:29 PM

I agree with you Bernadette and I commend you in defending the Haitian culture.

I feel proud to belong to a Voodoo country and the Bois-Caiman's ceremony spirity is alive into my veins.

I am proud to be a voodoo believer and not a secret society's believer.

Voodoo now and forever and Zantray will enlighten everyone and everywhere in Haiti.

I am proud to be the son of Bookman and Dessalines who were not afraid to put an end to white racist slavery's institution.

I will not sell my soul for foods in any religion.

I am saved in Vooodoo and all Haitians will find redemption if turning to our ancestors like Israelis now turn to their ancestors for help against the destroying will of the Iranians of their culture and way of life. I am the son of Dessalines and not Abraham, Moses and Jesus.

The bible was used to colonize my ancestors and it is said in the Christian bible that slaves should obey to their masters at all times.

Therefore, Israelis' ancestors would never liberate from slavery, but Dessalines and Bookman did. Praise and bless their holy names! Peace be upon their souls at all times.

Voodoo today and Voodoo will be forever in Haiti.

We will eliminate secret societies and zombie practices, but Voodoo will never be eradicated on this land, the land of Dessalines, Chritophe, Petion, Boukman and Boyer.

May the Almighty One bless the Voodooers and Haiti as well.

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