Toulimen, never in human history wealth is given, freedom is...

Jean Pierre Alexandre - December 25 2011, 10:31 AM

Toulimen, never in human history wealth is given, freedom is given, power is given"specially every Clans, Tribes, Kingdoms, Ethnic groups, Nations included religions are aware of the so-called, survival of the fetus".

The smartest always wins even if they are few or the weakest.

Again, looser always have a reason to complain endlessly, the worst part wasting valuable time, energy that can be use to brainstorm, study how to retaliate or to win.
Toulimen, you know very well that problem is an old one.
Haiti have a serious case of hemorrhoids, please this is only for the rectum part, in my opinion this is our mulattoes, but the worst Haiti also have a serious case of colon cancer, witch i declare our dark skinned Haitians are ravaging Haiti like a cancer.

Toulimen, fairness is not by choice, it's by comprehension.

Toulimen, our ancestors start a war of survival of the fetus, if we don't put an end to it, we will be destroy by choice.

Haiti will not win this war if Haitians are not one nation.



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