I agree with you on that one 100/100. What about only if it's...

Jean Pierre Alexandre - January 9 2012, 4:08 PM

I agree with you on that one 100/100.

What about only if it's one parent that is Haitian?

Any special modification"like the Israelis or the Jews"?

Do you know anything about their status on Citizenship laws"the Jews"?

Toulimen Legrand says:

I believe that the Haitian Nationality should be redefined this way:

1.All Haitians born from both Haitian parents are Haitians for life.

2. All Haitians born from one Haitian parent are Haitians for life unless they decide otherwise.

3. Haitians born anywhere in the world from Haitian parents are Haitians for life unless they decide otherwise.

4. Haitian citizenship is forever once born from one or both Haitian parent(s) and Haitian citizenship can be only withdrawn or eliminated by death.

Was Duvalierist Louis Roy right to deny Haitians who are living overseas their citizenship rights?

Do we need a new constitution?

Should they appoint Duvalierists like Jean-Claude Duvalier and Francois Nicolas Duvalier II to rewrite the Haitian Constitution?

Should Martelly get rid of those Duvalierists within his political cabinet?

Do you think Nicolas Duvalier II will succeed Martelly?

Answer the above questions and criticize me too...

The debate is open in all three languages.

Posted by Toulimen Legrand on 1/9/12 3:02 PM

Jean Pierre Alexandre says:It's not the right time for this Martelly situation, Haiti already in chaos.

Take care.


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