France Wants Nicolas Duvalier II to Succeed Martelly

Toulimen Legrand - February 12 2012, 7:03 PM

Human Rights Organizations as known as US institutions are closely monitoring Duvalier Jean-Claude's moves in Haiti to prevent another Boyer or Borno to be elected again in Haiti.

MOJEC, a branch of CONAJEC is supporting Duvalier to get Francois Nicolas Duvalier II to be elected again in Haiti.

Who needs another Duvalier regime in Haiti?

Why should Duvalier succeed Martelly?

Do Haitians lose their memories of Haitian history?

Should Duvalier be in power to help his country?

Why should we restore another Duvalier regime in Haiti?

Why does France want Duvalier to be in power in Haitian?

France said that Jean-Claude was a French citizen born in Overseas French Departments like his dad Francois and that is why they accepted him in their country as a French citizen and not as Haitian.

Why should France want French citizens to be elected in Haiti again?

Boyer and Borno, both French citizens, were elected in Haiti, but this time this will not happen again.

Did Nicolas have Haitian's education and political experiences to be nominated or elected in Haiti.

Will Martelly help him achieve this goal?

Haitians, stay in alert to boycott France's plot against Haiti.

Both nations, America and France are for Haiti's destruction and Haitians need to be themselves to fight those hippocrits!

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Yvrance Unelus says...

This is not true. Those people have no intention to be in power in Haiti. They just want to build some houses for the homeless people on the Champs de Mars who lost their homes during the earthquake. They do not have to be in power to do that. They more »

Toulimen Legrand says...

I agree with you that Duvalier can help Haiti without any political ambitions in mind when offering help. Duvalier I and II must not run for president in Haiti. Haitians can forgive, but they will never forget those crimes committed under both Duvali more »

Yvrance Unelus says...

This is not true. Haiti is a democratic country. According to the haitian Constitution and the Human Rights Organization, the people of Haiti elect their president through election. The voice of the haitian people is heard and counted in the electi more »

Toulimen Legrand says...

Go learn how Boyer and Bornot got the Haitian presidency. Why did Petion get Dessalines killed? Why did Dessalines'death bring strong ties between the Haitian French elites and French elites? Why did France get Aristide overthrown? Why did France br more »

Douvino says...

Monche Toulimin, Al chache yon kote ou grate ak zafe ti nikola'l sa. Ginle ge'ou pete, se ou sel ki pa we sakap pase haiti kounyeya. Kote ou bare avek koze moun fou sa. Nou gin yon haiti tounef kounyeya. E nou pap pran nan lobey sa yo anko, pask more »

Toulimen Legrand says...

Nou ka anpeche li fet si nou pran aksyon pou kwape li. Men si nou ap rete domi lap fet e lap refet anko. Kiss dapre Ou menm Nicolas Duvalier II ap fe kom konseye nan kabine prive prezidan Michel Martelly. Li pa la pou ramase lajan men li la pou ekspe more »