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Andrew Lane - April 27 2014, 7:39 AM

Dear Mr. President,
I pray this letter finds you in good health and spirits! My name is Andrew Lane. I'm an American that had spent almost a year in Haiti doing everything from training Police officers and high profile protection, to teaching English to Haitian school teachers while we were actually building part of
the school itself.

Haiti was truly intense and awe inspiring.

I was very sad to leave her.
My reason for this letter is just to let you know I found my way to Haiti and no need to respond to my previous letter dated June 15,2011.

I'm joking but in case you have no idea what was writing I've copied it for you to read.

"Dear Mr. President, My name is Andrew Lane. I live in the states and had watched the pbs frontline special "Battle for Haiti".

It truly breaks my heart to see Haiti in such bad shape..Id like to help. I have made flight arrangements, got my shots and will have my feet in haiti the morning of the 28th, June. My wife and I would like to do whatever we can to assist you in the rebuilding of your land. I have spent 20+ years in law enforcement and my wife is a business owner.

I hold a p.c.832 from Rio Hondo police academy in the state of California and my wife a masters degree in business.

we ask for nothing in the way of monitary compensation, just point us in the direction of a good strong group we can become a part of or send an email and let me know where i can best serve you. I feel blessed to have watched the pbs show and know now we have a common purpose.

we will see it through until the end. Haiti is in my prayers.

respectfully, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Lane."

So you see I made it! lol. I have a great deal of faith in Haiti, its folks, and for your great care and love for your country.

I can say this with certainty because I was there.

I was the American you shook hands with the night of the accident on delmas 33 that had come upstairs in the news room for a glass of water.

We had spent the night tending to the victims and a few of us later worked on getting the 3 ton truck up off the ground to pull the last of the folks out from under it.It was a heartbreaking night.

That night I watched a President weep for his country and watched his country completely embrace him.
I was also on a protection detail for the American Medics at Carneval 2012. I rode with Fatma and other crews that were there.

I was with the group that tended to your friends leg the night you were on the parade route.

A true celebration.

I was honored to spend the time I did in Haiti and from what I saw you have the trust of a grateful nation.

With all it has seen and after many that have stole from it, Haiti still smiles and endures!Haiti is in my soul, was and will always be the Pearl of the Antilles!
Have a great night Mr. President.


Andrew Lane usswathaiti [at]
Operations Officer
U.S.Special Weapons And Tactics

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Joan Salma says...

Andrew, If Haiti is in your soul and you love Haiti, you are welcome to Haiti anytime. You can invest in Haiti. You can open a school to teach the Haitian people to speak English. more »