Aristide And Preval,Dosye Drog La Nan Pla Min DEA

Jean Pierre Alexandre - May 29 2011, 9:58 PM

Aristide, Preval sispan mare konplo sou Mateli tande!
Pa gin kou deta ki posib anko nan peyi ya.
Dosye drog la nan pla min DEA, dosye sak kriminel konsil franse'ya rete tou ouvri san femin.

Aristide, i told you i have my eyes on you 24/7 days a week.
Lately you hold too much meetings with Preval at your house, just today 29,2011 around 5:15pm you talk about plotting a coup against the new Prez elect Martelly.

Be careful.

Let the country move forward in peace, or you will not be around in Haiti for long to see you grand-children playing around.

I know you never do any manual labor, you will make license plates soon if you don't stay put and silent."both of you"

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