Bernadette, I like your initial article as well as your reply...

Agent-x - September 17 2011, 7:25 PM

Bernadette, I like your initial article as well as your reply.

I reply to the points that I disagreed.

Disregard my approaches methods or devices that usually include hyperbole, semiotics, allegory, euphemism, humor, farce, pun, caricatures comic relief, lampoon, which you apparently taxed as "vulgar generality"
They are necessary because they play a role in keeping the interest of some reader.

Such devices help them to focus deeper at the information they are processing, digest abstract concepts and ushering them to possible discoveries.

It is not without reason that the U.S. military incorporated comic stripes, humor in some of its technical manual for the military.

Some people might be more in tune, resonate or in tandem with semiotic references; other might relate to some infantile approach while other might relate to the hyperbole, euphemism and so based on their temperament, predisposition and experiences.

I try to avoid the use of slang and vulgarities.

If vulgarity must act as a Deus Ex Machina at the last resort to make a point, it would be so rarefy and polish it will resonate with the pineal gland and release some mental joy.

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