Hi Mr. Toulimen, I has been a very long time that I had not...

Rev. Dr. Rivel Dumaine - October 29 2011, 6:49 PM

Hi Mr. Toulimen,

I has been a very long time that I had not been heard you. We may not ne agree in all our statements; however, the message must be unique for equality of social and economic justice.

It is a warning to every leader in any country in the world not to never thinking about dictatorship and abuse of power from the executive, judiciary, and the legislative for the result is catastrophic.

Let's looking at what is happened in countries like: Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen, Syria, and Libya.

When it is coming to the rule of laws it is imperative that everyone must have the due process of the law if one exists really.

Whatever will bring Haiti back to my brothers and sisters I will give my 100% will for it without any hint?

the whole purpose to be on the blog is to learn from people like you that can help change the course of history.

Should it come a time that your support is needed to have a new elect in Haiti after the five years of President Martelly, the stone still keeping rolling until it stops to the right person.

Let's move on and stay on this crucial call for total freedom and liberation of this Nation.

Toulimen, you have very good ideas to help the world, but the CIA is not the problem of Haiti; Haitians are the quantitative force of destruction of their own. Due to the fact Haitians arrived in the USA very poor to the lowest level can become millionaire that shows exactly where is the problem derives.

We cannot get rid of the NGO's why the USA accepts many NGO in its territories without lesser discrimination, prejudice, and racism level.

Of course, it is there, but people can still live here and make a difference for themselves and for their countries.

No one is above the law, but remember that the world rules by the local, national, international, and global mafia.

it is almost impossible not to meet them in the daily political life.


Rev. Dr. Rivel Dumaine, the International voice for social and economic justice!

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