Don't be too passionate about Haitian politics and nothing...

Toulimen Legrand - January 11 2012, 7:41 PM

Don't be too passionate about Haitian politics and nothing will change for real in Haiti.

With Martelly, a non politician, Haiti can move a little bit forward.

We will see a few things accomplished because the Haitian elites are helping him. Haiti is not yet open to business as Martelly claims it in his political speeches.

Martelly cannot eliminate the Haitian elites'monopoly in Haiti and it will take a long road to make businesses competing between themselves.

They have an inflationary market shared to prevent competition in Haiti and prices will continue to rise. That is why the elites want an army right away to prevent a mass riot against them there.

A repressive army can help them maintain their mercantilistic system alive.

Don't hope for big change in Haiti.

Martelly's cabinet is filled with a lot of Duvalierists like Thierry Mayard Paul and Francois Nicolas II to name a few. What change can someone hope with the Bourdon Group, the one that promoted Martelly into power?

If you expect Haitian politichiens to change to repeat Richelle, you are fooling yourself.

They have no conscience of Haitians being held in abject poverty there.

They don't want to reform the administrative power by voting a law on ethnic represantation in Haiti.

Both ethnic groups should be represented in the political and administrative apparatus by their percentage and not by their wealth.

Having 97 mulatto executives against 3 dark skinned black executives is a wrong signal to the nation and that's what failed Haiti over the years.

Having less than 2% of women in the political apparatus against 98% of men is outrageous in terms of gender and ethnic representation in Haiti.

I will fight them to death to have those laws in place otherwise chaos will follow.

When a nation refuses to pass laws to correct social-injustices it opens the door to ethnic cleansing and social disruptions like in Rwanda, Burundi, Serbia, Bosnia/Herzegovina and others to name a few. We are not calling for radical revolutions through bloody conflicts, but we are calling for laws to correct social injustices and they refuse to comply.

Wait and you will see chaos will occur soon. You are alerted and that will not take you by surprise.

I have called Senator Moise Jean-Charles today to ask him to stop any mobilization against Martelly, but if the law that we want cannot be put in place, we will be at the forefront to fight and change Haiti for real. Liberty or death, we will win soon ok! Take care and have peace of mind!

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Toulimen,thanks for your reply, because i was waiting...


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