My biggest problem with the Martelli administration, is that...

Jjjadrin - January 16 2012, 11:26 PM

My biggest problem with the Martelli administration, is that the judiciary system is very corrumpt.

The judges are determined to do anything for money.

Example: franklin montinat an uneducated man an alcoholic who doesn't know anything about the law is judge of Gressier.

This man operates in gangster style.

He has protection from the chief inspector of police mr. Herman who does anything for franklin montinat, and a couple of assistant commissaire of the governments.

montinat kept a young man name Reginal in jail at Gressier for 32 days from Nov. 12th, to Dec. 15th, 2011, after taken $900.00 from his poor family.

He detained Reginal on false accusation of stealling a moto, in a way to get more money from Reginal's poor mother.

It's a shame for the Martelli's administration, who wants this thief to stay judge.

I know more than a dozen of his crimes including killing for money.

I will continue to tell all until President Martelli gets reed of montinat and his gang.

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