Haiti needs Five Millions 5,000,000 Rifles against the imperialists

Agent-x - September 23 2011, 1:45 AM

The imperialists have no sympathy and respect for poor and defenseless nations.

The Haitians national heroes like Toussaint Louverture, Jean Jacques Dessalines, and Henry Christophe understood this fundamental truth over two hundred years ago. That is why Henry Christopher wrote in the Citadel "Ultima Ratio Regum" The last Argument of Kings.

Today the Cuban people, the Chinese people, the North Korean people, The Iranian people, The Venezuelan people, the Pakistani people, The South African people understood that combat readiness is the only language the imperialist understand.

The best ways and means to put up the heroic resistance against the deceptive practices, arrogance, thuggish and plundering nature of the imperialists is to have obligatory military services from 15 y/o to 70 y/o and to arm the population.

The imperialists first used deception to disarm Libya before they were able to attack Libya because Gaddafi was naive to fell for this deception.

Now Gadhafi is being replaced by imperialists

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Agent-x says...

Warning - The International Surgeon General warns that reading Agent-X causes intellectual obesity,conscientization and patriotism among Haitians. Agent-X entertains,inform,teach and try to raise the intellectual ceiling of his readers while widen more »

Jonas Theodore says...

Agent-x i live in Haiti for the past two years after close to twuenty years in the U S,i don"t think our situation going to solve with weapons.It"s only my opinion more »

Agent-x says...

If weapons is so unimportant and worthless,why right after the January 12th 2010 earthquake in Haiti some foreign power thought it was more important to send several thousand of marines in civilian clothes and in uniform with heavy weapons to intimid more »

Jonas Theodore says...

you use loaded paragraph, we"re not dreaming let make it a plan instead with that money we are going to use it in education and infrastructurs for our lonely land.If undestand you"re well inform you and i know 5,000,000 rifles and then what?c"mon more »

Similien Jean says...

Sa a se sel fason pou n'ale. Nou ta dwe ame tut pep la pou defann dwa yo kont posib envazyon posib ak kont opres more »

Tierney says...

Haiti does not need an army. If every Haitian has a rifle we will be able to kept corrupt politicians at bay and afraid to make false promises. more »

Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

You think that would solve the problem? As for me, i don't think so,unless you want Haiti to be like Beirut in the early 80's. We need to clean the country,but not like that. We need to start hanging people in the night clandestinely until they more »